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What do I do if I am locked out of my house?

The unpleasant occasion of finding yourself without keys at your front door can be both stressful and difficult. Not to forget, cold. To avoid the risk of panic, or getting ill we advise you to ensure you’ve got the contact for a lockout service who is available through the night. You never know when these things will occurring after all.

The things you need to do when locked out of your house differs and depends slightly on what your situation is. In some cases there may be a window left unlocked which you can get though, however that may be highly unlikely.

After all, you never leave windows unlocked when unattended. If you are renting, the first point of contact would be your landlord if you are locked out of your house. So keep his or her number saved as well.

what should you do if you have been locked out of the houseIf your building is part of a complex there may be a caretaker or building manager contact which would also be worth saving in case you get yourself locked out of your house.

If all else fails, you should use that 24 hour lockout service number that you’ve saved. Help will be on the way fast, and if you’re locked out of your house you’ll soon find yourself safe and sound inside. For questions about locks, security and lockouts don’t hesitate to call the number above now. Or safe it knowing our quick service is available all hours.

Preventing being locked out in the first place is not possible to 100%, however. There are a couple of actions which we suggest you take to safeguard yourself from difficult lockouts. Leave a key with a trusted neighbour. Keep your keys in the same place all the time. Both when in your house and when on your person. The right hand pocket or the key clip in your bag for instance. Find more tips on how to create good security habits here.

The key is broken inside the lock what can I do?

The horrid instance of snapping a key inside of the lock can be both a heart race and panic. The only way to work against it and prevent it from happening is simply to ensure that you have high quality lock and keys installed. However, these things do occur and the main thing is to not panic or poke at it if it’s clear there is no easy way to remove it.

What you can do when the key is broken inside the lock is to call a professional and hang tight. Our line is open all hours and there should this catastrophe happen to you, no matter who unsociable the hour may be.

In type of situation often our creative bone starts to tingle and we start looking for a solution. If the snapped of key is protruding from the keyhole and there is enough of it for your to grab it with some pliers it might work. But, if you do engage with this, please do so with care, as to not upset and bend the shapes of the metal more. If unsuccessful in the first try or two. It’s best to leave it completely alone until the arrival of a professional. The risk of damage to the lock increases with any hard handed attempts.

Save the number above to have a local professional in reach at any time. This way, when the key is broken inside the lock, you can simply pick up the phone and have specialists with specialist tools designed for the job. Don’t risk damage to the lock which would potentially mean the need for a lock change by force.

How can I secure my home whilst on holiday?

Extra security measures is needed before you go on that well deserved holiday. Even more applicable if you are not usually giving much thought to your home security. One of the main risks for a house out there. Is simply being unoccupied.
More burglaries and thefts happen during the holiday season. You might even know someone who has become a victim of the upsurge. How can you then secure your home whilst away, you ask. The professionals here give some tips on appropriate actions to take before leave home.

Safe home whilst on vacationIf you follow these you’ll also be able to have a more relaxed holiday. Knowing that your home is left in as safe a state as can be.

The first thing to do to secure your home whilst on holiday is to get a burglar alarm installed. It doesn’t have to be the fanciest or most expensive thing out there. Just something that will work an excellent deterrent. Something that will alert the neighbours if any activity is sensed at your property.

An armed home alarm system together with nice and active neighbours. Who will take action knowing you are away on holiday if the alarm is triggered is highly valuable. To keep your home secure whilst you are on holiday.

Remember to halt any subscriptions that you have coming to your home. Or ask someone to collect the post and change the curtains from day to day. What you are aiming for is for your house to look as if it is occupied. There are other items which can aid you with this such as timer lights and fake TV lights.

Lastly, to secure your home whilst on holiday. Make sure that you only tell your trusted friends and family that you are going away. Advertising the dates you are going to be away on social media for example. Is a bad idea. Although you may want to make your friends jealous of your wonderful holiday. It is also letting strangers know when you will be out of the house.

Simple, easy and inexpensive security upgrades from a professional locksmith Bournemouth

Unfortunately, it is a harsh truth of life that we now have to take better care of our properties. Gone are the days when people would leave the doors to their homes open and let their friends and neighbours come and go as they please. Thankfully, improving your home security doesn’t have to be expensive if you use your friendly, local locksmith Bournemouth.

In fact, you can make small improvements to your home security without having to break the bank. If you feel 95% confident in the security of your property, but still feel like it could do with a small improvement, then thankfully your professional Bournemouth locksmith has the answer.

A very simple addition to your door is an escutcheon plate. These surround the cylinder and bed it into the door itself. This is effectively a protective casing for the cylinder and prevents anyone from being able to easily remove the cylinder from the door and gain entry. Additionally, you should ensure that your door frame has an effective strike plate fitted. This covers the holes in which your locking mechanism secures into and effectively reinforces the door frame surrounding the lock. This means it’s even harder for any unwanted criminals to try and break in. If your property needs an even simpler addition, you should consider investing in a ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ sticker. We always recommend putting one of these in your window, especially if you live in a neighbourhood with a higher rate of criminal activity. These are easy to spot from a distance and have been prover to deter criminal activity.

It may come as a surprise, but sliding patio doors are particularly vulnerable to attacks. The nature of these doors makes it possible for criminals to simply get under the door frame and lift them out the sliding rails in which they sit. This shouldn’t be possible and is why we always carry anti-lift patio locks in our vans at all times. If not addressed with adequate protection, sliding patio doors can be a severe weakness for any property. The anti-lift patio lock is a keyless locking system that prevents the door from being lifted up and pulled out. In fact, the more upward pressure that is exerted on such a lock, the tighter the locking engagement becomes. Protecting your home doesn’t have to be expensive and all the aforementioned items can be installed quickly and successfully by a highly-trained locksmith Bournemouth.

Locksmith Bournemouth conveniently available at all times

Locksmith Bournemouth available at all times every dayIf there is a need for a new contact entry in your address book for a reliable service which have booth experience and expertise in the field of security, perhaps we can be forward enough to recommend the number above to be saved. Though the choice of a merited and well reputed locksmith Bournemouth you’ll be able to find all the service you can dream of within the domain of security, especially home security, which has been a keen specialty of the workers here for quite some time. With gusto and briskness we taken on all large security upgrade jobs with enthusiasm, always ensuring that the customer is in and along for every step of the way.

Their journey to a better security solution at home is one which will help them keep safe also in their day to day life. But of course new security installations is not only what this locksmith Bournemouth is famous for, what is also worth a mention is their excellent and speedy attendance to any lockout situation, and the impressive part is this. The lockout service is available all the time, at any time, any hour, day or night, telephone lines are kept open and locksmith Bournemouth are ready for your call. As an addition to the great range of service and products provided at low prices from the skilled staff, you have access and availability 24 hours a day.

There are simply few services in the area which can compete with such deep seated dedication, why not try us for yourself and see what we mean. Note the number above, give us a chance, and never need for another high security installer again.

Effective home security doesn’t have to be expensive with an expert locksmith Bournemouth

Reports across the UK have highlighted that the country is currently on the receiving end of a crime rate crisis. This news has got across to the people of Bournemouth and it is not surprising to learn that your local Bournemouth locksmith has calls everyday from customers concerned about the reports. As our expert lock engineers regularly receive such calls, we thought the best approach would be to outline some ways anyone can take to protect their home.

The place where we live with our family and keep our belongings deserves the best protection. However, we don’t believe that this should be expensive and all of the suggestions below are cost-effective to ensure you don’t end up spending more than is reasonably necessary on securing your home.

UPVC doors appear to provide a sophisticated layer of protection against unwanted visitors from the outside. After all, the 5-point lever locking mechanism is an intricate piece of equipment used to lock the door. However, a door is only as secure as the parts used to secure it. Unfortunately, a number of UPVC doors come with poor quality euro cylinders upon installation which means they can easily be broken into, often in under fifteen seconds with the correct equipment. For a small price, our customers can swap such barrels for a 3 Star British Standard anti-snap lock. These are always reasonably priced and make it difficult for anyone to target your property as the subject-matter of criminal activity.

The most secure doors tend to have both a Yale lock and a mortise lock. If your door doesn’t have the latter, then make sure you call an expert Bournemouth locksmith today to arrange an installation at a time convenient for you to ensure your property is kept protected. While two locks is better than one, it doesn’t mean it’s completely impenetrable. One excellent way of adding an additional layer of securing is to install an anti-thrust plate. These run down the side of the door in the gap between the door and the door frame to ensure that no one could put any tools and equipment down the side which would help them pry open then lock.

For more information on the products discussed above, or any other questions you may have regarding cost-effective home security, call a locksmith Bournemouth today!

Quick reliable quotes from a highly price competitive locksmith Bournemouth

Great quick security quotes from locksmith BournemouthFinding the right price and the right products is an important part of anyone’s first journey within the fields of security. Without having a wonderful force of locksmith Bournemouth knowledge at your hand there may be parts missed, seemingly small but with massive implications the security integrity. Things such as wrongly installed equipment can also render your security system useless, so it’s especially important for new security enthusiasts to ensure they have the right people close at hand. Have a quick and light, or an in depth conversation a locksmith Bournemouth worker today and you will soon find what you need to vindicate the previous statement.

Great security is what comes first, and great prices come second, only closely followed by friendliness, customer service and availability. There are few points that a locksmith Bournemouth who cares vigorously for the security industry and for your security at home or at work would like to hit one. Firstly, security although it may seem expensive, is nothing of the sort.

With the help of locksmith Bournemouth you will do doubt be able to locate a high security solution which suits both your budget and your personal preferences, one that will keep you safe at night and let you carry on with your business without having to make large changes or arrangement to your daily schedule. The features which come with the different security systems provided by locksmith Bournemouth differ in various ways, however the feature that they all share, is that they have been heavily tested and scrutinised to ensure that the products installed at your property is of premium quality.

Your residential security locksmith Bournemouth experts

Great residental security with locksmith BournemouthThe question is growing both in frequency and importance and the world is something more and more commonly encountered both in media an in daily conversations. We’re speaking of home security of course. A topic which has been on the board for a long time, but strangely ineffectual for a large amount of people. As threats and reported intrusions or attempts at theft are becoming more frequent it’s important that we do what we can to protect ourselves and our property.

If you are a parent, like many of the locksmith Bournemouth crew, we understand your security concerns well, just as we understand your confusion. It’s no doubt difficult to distinguish between good and bad home security advice. The main reason that your locksmith Bournemouth implores you to speak to a professional. Although there may be a great many high home security solutions out there made by amateurs and DIY fanatics, it’s better to speak with those who spend their lives within the industry. If you are serious about wanting to protect those you love the most that is, and why wouldn’t you be. Call the number above to get in touch with locksmith Bournemouth now and discuss your options with regards to home security upgrades. All you need you can find here, and should there be any questions feel free to direct them to the workmen and women under the roof of this home security specialists.

There is a reason to why locksmith Bournemouth customers stay with us for years and years, some call it quality, merit or efficiency and good service, we call it dedication to people. Call and have a chat with us about your security with those who know.

Simple and secure solutions for your business with your locksmith Bournemouth specialists

Your security locksmith Bournemouth with high security solutionsRunning a business is in most cases much more than a full time job, not only in time, but in commitment and personal investment. There are two major points which the guys here both stress and sympathise with. Firstly, with the workload you have on yourself there is little time, and often limited funds to spend on the security, and secondly that the need to ensure good protection against theft and other potentially life-ruining instances is heightened.

Your locksmith Bournemouth service understands the pressures you are under well and therefore offer our high security solutions to you at competitive rates. Together with the long term customer relationships we always aim for, you will find it difficult to locate a better and more suiting service for you.

On top of that, in the area we also offer 24 hour emergency lockout service for any issue that may arise out of hours which simply cannot wait until the morning. Your questions are always welcome, as is your call, so feel free to get in touch now to find the answers, advice and guidance you need for a better and more secure future both for yourself and your business.

The locksmith Bournemouth sees only good reasons to make sure that your business is well protected, and with the time, effort and investment you have spent on it, we are are sure you see our point when recommending a security check and a security installation, affordable and priceless, as it may save you from a world of trouble in the future.

Contemplate your home security with a locksmith Bournemouth at your side

Locksmith Bournemouth thinking about security for youDeeper thought or closer inspection of your home security is no doubt a point which often becomes forgotten in the flurry that life is today. Time to relax is hard enough to find, and time to think about something which often comes as an afterthought is hard to give. But, locksmith Bournemouth are here to remind you of the vital importance of keeping your home security up to date and refreshed, and also to let you know just how both cheap and easy that is to do with an expert such as the one you find when you call the above number.

Locksmith Bournemouth likes to invite you to call and book a security survey for your home, which simple means that, at a low price, and in a space of half and hour to and hour depending on the size of your home you will be able to ensure that none of the most vital home security points are missing and that your locks on both doors and windows are up to the standard they should be. Give some thought to your own safety, the security of the things that you love and the protection of what you love the most together with a locksmith Bournemouth expert. Happy to help at all hours you can feel free to call no matter what hour the clock strikes, and if there is anything else that you are wondering or needing, you can simply bring it up when you call. Emergency lockout situations are resolved quickly and seamlessly, and in the vast majority with preferred non destructive means of entry.

Keys cut to last by an expert locksmith Bournemouth

locksmith bournemouth keys on keyringCutting keys to fit, and to last, ensuring that there are no issues with regular use and no risk of damaging the lock is something that is placed among the highest priorities when it comes to the locksmith Bournemouth you can find here. Feel free to give us a ring and ask anything with regards to keys or key cutting. Knowing the importance of quality keys, and knowing the how’s and what’s of the industry you can expect nothing less than the best standard of care and the highest quality products from a locksmith Bournemouth who knows.

With vigorous training, and countless instances of experience you can be sure that your keys are to the standards needed to keep the integrity of your security at home and minimise wear and tear due to daily use by trusting in a locksmith Bournemouth who puts their customers first. Topping that, if you do ever find yourself in the situation of a snapped key preventing your from locking or gaining access to your home or business premises you can give us a call any time. A locksmith Bournemouth emergency service who is always available and always ready to swiftly come to your aid should you need it. So make sure that you save the name and number for us, and give us a call at any time of emergency. Day to day services also include lock installations, repairs, window locks, security systems and much more so please feel free to get in touch with any of your related questions and be sure to that they will find their answers and resolutions with a locksmith Bournemouth who is trusted and respected by their customers.

A caring locksmith Bournemouth with time for you

your locksmith Bourmouth with the right tools at any timeNo matter what hour of the day it is, or what your call is regarding, one thing you can always rely on. And that is that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you need, someone will be at the end of the line for you. Especially important for those times of emergency where your requirement is urgent and under time pressure. Your locksmith Bournemouth are understanding of your lockout situation, your lock in situation, your lock malfunction as well as your immediate need for resolution.

There are few times more stressful than those of having lost access to your home, being locked out in the cold and rain knowing that only a couple of feet away, on the other side of the wall there is warmth, comfort and rest can be especially frustrating. If your call to the quick locksmith Bournemouth is for this reason, you can rest your tense mind knowing that help is on the way.

All your lock, key and security questions are welcome here, and with pleasure the trained locksmith Bournemouth work to help you find the answers and services you need. There is no such thing as a stupid questions, only stupid answers, is a common saying which the laboring force feels closely with. We will of course spare you of any technical details should you not wish to hear them and will always use plain, jargon free language to ensure that information is clear and communication direct. Long customer relationships with happy customers is something that your locksmith Bournemouth are well known for, and if you come to us with your service need you will soon also see why.

Iron bars, security gates, shutters, safes, grills and more from locksmith Bournemouth gate installers

Elegant security gates from locksmith BournemouthNow is the time to get in touch with your security specialist for the assistance you need, quotes you are looking for or advice you seek. We are here all hours and always welcoming of your call. To us your emergency lockout situation becomes a priority and we’ll be with you as fast as humanly possible should that be the reason for your call. Locksmith Bournemouth are also flexible and versatile in products and services provided. For home security help, lock checks and upgrades, alarm installations, monitoring and notification systems and more, ring us now and say the world. For larger security installations or including or involving central locking, security shutters, gates, bars, intercoms and more, call and inquire now. All the way from the removable iron bars over that high risk window, to the safe installation you need to keep the day’s takings secure overnight, or to keep your most valuable heirlooms and valuable documents at home. No matter what requirement you might carry with you, rest assured that the educated and skilled locksmith Bournemouth is here to help.

Partial or full installation, modifications, additions and upgrades are just to mention a few of the flexible services provided at your convenience and at prices which suit you. There is no reason to go without the security you need any longer, everything is available here, and if you get in touch now, perhaps one of the many high security low price security alarm systems and features which are in stock and ready for installation, will be up and running before the end of the day. Fast, simple, all encompassing and here for you when you need it the most, there is no better locksmith Bournemouth provider than the one you find when you dial our digits.

Hi-tech security and deterrent systems installed by a professional Bournemouth locksmith

Security for both commercial and domestic properties has moved far beyond simple lock and key systems. Now many properties require either a hi-tech security installation to act as an extra layer of security, or as a first layer of deterrence to criminals. This is especially important for properties that are left unattended for long periods of time and even more so those which are further away from the dazzling lights of the town centre. Of course hi-tech security in this instance could be needed for a number of reasons. Maybe your place of business is located away from the main high street? Or perhaps you are out of the country a lot on business? Either way, you need to be sure you have a professional team you can discuss your security options with.

There is an unfortunate misconception that locksmiths only focus their business on traditional security methods. No one questions the fact that your locksmith Bournemouth can help you regain entry if you find yourself locked out of your property, or assist you in repairing a mortise lock should you find the key no longer works. All our professional Bournemouth locksmiths have years of experience in installing, maintaining and repairing hi-tech security systems which means that when you’re considering a security upgrade, the only people you should consider calling are your local security professionals in Bournemouth.

Years of investing in our staff, the tools they use and the products they install means we are capable of delivering the perfect security solution for any type of property within Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. For example, if you would like a CCTV system installed at your place of business or your home, we are happy to recommend a range of suitable products and explain how proper setup, installation and aftercare can maintain the security of your property. We’re also happy to assist you in installing alarm systems on the interior of your property or even hi-tech security lights on the outside. All installations come with full training provided to designated personnel of your choice to ensure that should there be any issues, you will always have a fully qualified member of staff or person in your family who can remedy any problems. Of course, should they be unable to fix a more complex problem, our dedication to aftercare means we will always be happy to assist you in the years following an installation.

All the systems we use are tried and tested and come highly recommended by our team of expert locksmiths. We always have a wide range of competitively priced products in stock meaning there’s always a solution capable of meeting your budget requirements. After all, no one should be priced out of protecting their property.

Intelligent security with your locksmith Bournemouth service

Keep up to date and keep safe with your locksmith BournemouthFor those of you searching for a good way to secure your home or your place of business, whist always having access to reliable day to day, maintenance and emergency locksmith Bournemouth, it’s a good idea to call us now. Timings are flexible and booking in to have your need fulfilled can be done easily on the phone and for a time that works well with your day plan. If it’s late in the small hours of the night and you have to your horror found that your door lock is no longer functioning the way it should, leaving you locked out, there is still no need to worry. Your dedicated locksmith Bournemouth are awake all hours of the day and will be on their way to your fast rescue the moment we know you are in need.

The quick lockout service is just an additional good reason to make sure that you choose our number to save as a service provider in your phone book. The workers knows the area well and with this knowledge, as well as the many years of experience had with assisting homeowners to a safer day to day and getting high security upgrades installed to perfection, you can trust us to take no less than great care of you and your security situation. Though calling, you’ll reach someone who can provide answers to the many security questions that must be bubbling in your mind, especially if this is the first time you are looking into improving. Speaking to the locksmith Bournemouth will educate and inform you on the technologies out there today, and with a professional at your side to give guidance and advice your security will be top notch in no time at all. Feel free to call now.

We operate a 10 mile radius from the centre point:

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1 Cowdrey Gardens, Bournemouth

BH8 0LU. Tel: 01202 900 202.

Key features in your security solution according to an expert locksmith Bournemouth practitioners

High security low cost with your favourite locksmith BournemouthFocus on key points of security and safety is a daily task for the staff, and with the most delicate attention to details we can help you find the right products and security features for your home, your business and yourself. By calling your experts today, you will begin on a journey towards home or business improvement, one which will take your security to the next level.

Something that your locksmith Bournemouth knows will not only help you remove unwanted risks, but also allow you to relax more without the issue of security hanging over your shoulder. By employing a specialist locksmith Bournemouth to do the surveying of your area, to help you order the right products, help you with installation and to help you understand your own security better, you will not only keep your home safer, but also learn a whole lead. That is if you want to of course. An interested locksmith Bournemouth are always on your side here, and by calling now you can remove a long overdue item on your home and business progression. All your questions are welcome and you can call at any time.

The right CCTV system for you with locksmith Bournemouth experts

If you’re looking to improve your home or business’ security even more, why not consider a CCTV system? These are great deterrents against crime and, in the case that a crime occurs, are incredibly helpful in helping the police find the perpetrators and get your stolen property back to you. Locksmith Bournemouth highly recommend you get a CCTV system as they are truly some of the most valuable security updates you can make to any property. There are many types of CCTV system, so which is best for you? There’s wired and wireless, internal and external, digital – the possibilities are extensive. Locksmith Bournemouth have a quick guide to these, but as each case is individual we will assess your property in person to find the best for you.

cctv system locksmith bournemouthWired security cameras have a lot of benefits – they face no interference from nearby devices, they are more stable for data transmission and they are good for large properties. However they are not portable and require drilling holes into the walls of your home. Wireless cameras on the other hand can be moved around with ease, but may face interference from your home WiFi devices and may run out of battery if you forget to replace them. In general, if possible we suggest wired cameras as they are more stable, but wireless cameras are also very effective.

Most properties benefit from an outdoors CCTV system as you can see who is approaching, but some will also benefit from indoors CCTV. We generally suggest indoors systems for businesses only, but have installed indoors security for homes as well. If you have some very expensive or meaningful possessions you may want this extra level of security. For more information and bespoke CCTV advice for your property, call our experts now, and make your home more secure today!