How can a lock check benefit my home security?

By | September 11, 2017

How can a lock check benefit my home security?

Having a lock check done at your home is going a step further than just checking the branding on your looks to see what calibre they are of. The lock installed on your door only tells you so much. And with a professional lock check done, you make sure that none of the locks which are installed. Which may be of high calibre and of good security standards, are not lacking in any other way.

A home security inspection can assist you in many waysWith high security locks it’s important to have the right alignment, the right fixings for the door and frame and so on. If installation has been poorly performed, or if time and the weather has warped the door and the materials used in conjunction with the lock. The security it provides may be diminished. It’s especially vital to ensure that your locks are secure if you are paying a premium for home insurance.

With a faulty lock, not only are you at higher risk for home intrusion and theft. But you may be at risk of not being able to claim due to the invalid insurance which states high security requirements. Speak to a professional lock installer here today and ensure, together with us, that all your locks are in the prime condition they should be in. In order to keep you safe and secure.

During a lock check with us your window locks will also be checked. Many direct issues can be resolved on the spot without professional security lock checks. Locks of the right standards and calibre are kept in stock to ensure quick lock changes where needed. Don’t leave your home open to risks which it has no reason to face when a lock check is quick, easy and affordable. Get in touch with us now to book in at a time that suits you.