Securing your business

By | November 17, 2013

Securing Business

Take the extra step to secure your business today. You work hard for your livelihood so don’t leave your business premises vulnerable. Our team supplies and installs a range of equipment to tighten up the security of your business. Security shutters to lock your stock in tight can be fitted within days of your call to us. Locksmiths Bournemouth can also source security shutters for non-standard sized doors, working with our contacts within the security business to design steel shutters to custom sizes. A range of styles and colours are available to suit the location of your premises, if required.

bournemouth alarmAlarm and CCTV systems can work in combination to allow you to survey the activities of people in and around your premises. Whether you require one simple alarm which rings aloud or a sophisticated system which will send alerts to several phone numbers or to a security company or the police, we will be able to source what you are looking for. Our professional and reliable staff are on hand to advise on all aspects of CCTV systems, including helping you to select one for your budget that will adequately cover key areas of your building. You can trust the experience built up by our staff in this area to find exactly what you are looking for.

As for deterring against theft of equipment during opening hours, metal detectors that fit discreetly into the door frame are an excellent way of keeping track of what is being carried out of the shop. We have fitted numerous systems like this for shops in Bournemouth city centre. They have a dual function, protecting staff as well as stock.

locksmith metal detectorIntrusion and theft deterrent devices are a good investment for any business. At Locksmiths, we find that in these difficult economic times, some people think that security measures are an area of their business plan that can take cuts. Don’t make this mistake! Sufficient surveillance and security systems are even more important at this time. Contact Locksmiths Bournemouth today – we have the most competitive pricing structure in the area, and we work hard towards the ideal that everyone can afford the locksmith and security service they need.