Fantastic security inspection discount

Our Bournemouth locksmith team currently has a fantastic offer to help you secure your property ahead of the holiday season: we are offering a 15% discount on security inspections and any resulting work. This great offer is available to all clients, whether residential, commercial or industrial, and whether you are a new customer or have previously had work carried out by the local locksmith. The holiday season brings a shut-down period for many businesses. Without regular attendance, such properties become a magnet for opportunists. Take advantage of this offer and secure your property now. Then you can put your feet up over Christmas knowing that your expensive industrial equipment is safely locked away. Christmas gift packaging left outside homes can be an indicator to potential intruders of the brand-new gadgets stashed inside the house. A security inspection will indicate areas of your home in need of new locking and security systems so that all those lovely new Christmas presents stay just where you intend them to be. A Christmas break-in is devastating; contact us today and arrange a security inspection at a discounted price.

Our security inspections take approximately an hour for the average semi-detached house. We will assess the security of all points of entry on your home and outbuildings, making suggestions as to how security can be improved. Quotes for work can be given at that time if required. With several weeks now before the break, now is the ideal time to arrange for us to survey the security of your property. Security inspections can take place at evenings or weekends if that suits you. This service is real value-for-money: not only is the price of the inspection competitive, but the savings and heartache that can be saved in the long run make a security inspection more than worthwhile. Contact our professional team today to arrange your discounted security inspection.