Lock snapping


locksmiths serviceWe are always seeking ways in which to inform customers about lock safety and security at home. As such, we have decided to write a quick post about a rising problem known as ‘lock snapping’. Lock snapping is a particular type of attack used by intruders in order to gain entry to a property. Fortunately, it is quite rare, as it only affects a certain type of lock; the Euro Cylinder Lock, which is most commonly found on UPVC and composite doors. Courtesy of the Home Safety and Security website (sponsors of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme) an illustrative image can be found here.

locksmith cylinder lockLock snapping occurs when the relatively thin part of the Euro Cylinder Lock is broken, usually with a tool such as a screwdriver. We have been called out to a number of residences in the past year that have unfortunately fallen victim to this particular crime. There is, however, a quick and easy solution that the team can implement. Simply by strengthening the weak part of the cylinder lock mechanism with a new 3 star TS007 standard or the Sold Secure Diamond standard lock, the structure becomes impervious to lock snapping. We always uses top quality equipment. We stock both the Sold Secure Diamond standard locks and the new 3 star TS007 locks – you can rest assured that a lock direct from us will not be vulnerable to lock snapping.

If you are unsure whether your door locks conform to the standards needed to prevent lock snapping then give Locksmiths Bournemouth a call. We are more than happy to visit your premises to run a check on any locks, with a view to replacing any that may be at risk of lock snapping. All our staff members are friendly and reliable, and we will only highlight concerns that we believe pose a real security threat to your building. Lock snapping is certainly one of these, so let us put your mind at ease with a consultation and quote today.