What is a chubb lock?

What is a chubb lock?

If you are fishing around on the security market or if you are investigating your own security. At the present, you are more than likely to run into the term chubb, or chubb lock. It’s a common term and often discussed when it comes to high security locks. The type of lock was invented by Charles Chubb, and is distributed today by the same manufacturers as for assa abloy.

If you want high security for your door, a chubb lock is a good choice. But before going on ahead and purchasing yourself one. Make sure that you speak to your local and professional locksmith Bournemouth service. This way you ensure that the installation is done correctly, and that the lock that you pick is suitable for your door and situation.

Unique key and lock combinations and locking mechanism make the chubb lock a high security kind. This is also reflected in the price you pay. Even if there is a range to choose from. Good lock technology for your door that will keep you safe at home. Will bring you peace of mind at low cost.

Especially if you choose to get in touch with the lovely workers at our service. To find the chubb lock you want. To have it installed to perfection. And to feel relieved and relax better at night. Security is key to your well being. After food, there’s shelter on the survival list of a person.

A chubb lock is a great way to give yourself that calm needed. For your to be able to get on with your day to day life without having to spend time and energy worrying about your security and your home. Available is also a whole range of security products and features. Speak to us now to find out more. And keep checking our blog for more security updates and new.


When do I need to get replacement locks?

The upkeep of any good security situation lies within giving it attention and care for it. This doesn’t mean that you have to work hard. But it simply means you have to stay aware of what security you have in place, and notice if something changes in that situation.

If there hasn’t been a security or lock update for a while at your property. It’s suggested that you have a professional check it over. This way there are no hidden risks that could turn out a disaster. Affordable local locksmiths are available to help you with your replacement locks.

The times which you can give us or your trusted service provider a call for replacement locks. Is after an attempted break in or other incident. If you know you’ve not had your locks brought up to date in the near past. Or if you’ve noticed something changed with the lock, and fear it will get jammed.

When do I need to have my locks replacedYou can also get in touch for replacement locks when you have lost your keys. Knowing where all the keys to your property are. Will help you keep a safe and secure area. This applies both to your home environment and your work place. Our helpers are here at all points and happy to assist you with all lock requirements you have. Have your lock check done and keep up to date with us in a simple way.

This also includes the help you need to pick the right replacement locks for your situation and your doors. Good security starts with good door lock security. It’s not the first time you hear this maxim if you’ve spoken to lock and security industry professionals in the past.

Get help with your replacement locks, or any other service that you need at any time. Our phone number can be found on the front page and on the contact page. Emergencies are also taken care of if the help you need is urgent.