School security

Security for Everyone

Any parent knows the most important thing to them is their child. As parents we take so many extra precautions to safeguard our children and make sure they are as protected as can be. Home security can be a real source of comfort to parents with young children but what about when they are at school? A school fitted with Locksmiths Bournemouth security can help children stay safe inside and outside of the classroom. Most recently, Locksmiths Boscombe were called to do a security overhaul for a local primary school, with the end result greatly impressing teachers and parents alike.

locksmiths boscombe cctvFor any work involving campuses or multiple buildings Locksmiths Boscombe will first run an assessment to decide the suitability of the various types of security we offer. For our work with schools we liaise closely with the head teacher and ground staff to come up with a security system that is visible yet doesn’t detract from the overall look and feel of the school. Previous work on educational establishments has included the installation of CCTV, electronic locking devices, retina and fingerprint scanning and replacement manual locks. Locksmiths Boscombe is very used to working on large-scale security refits and we stock all the necessary equipment needed for scaling and working on sizable buildings.

Most of our lock replacement work on schools and colleges can be completed in term holidays so with Christmas coming up, why not consider what Locksmiths Boscombe can do for your school to make it a safer place for pupils and staff. Or perhaps if you are thinking about a larger refit we could talk any plans and show you what we have to offer. If you are a head teacher or are a part of a school’s planning committee and need some security work doing then don’t hesitate to get in contact with Locksmiths Boscombe today.

Lock snapping


locksmiths serviceWe are always seeking ways in which to inform customers about lock safety and security at home. As such, we have decided to write a quick post about a rising problem known as ‘lock snapping’. Lock snapping is a particular type of attack used by intruders in order to gain entry to a property. Fortunately, it is quite rare, as it only affects a certain type of lock; the Euro Cylinder Lock, which is most commonly found on UPVC and composite doors. Courtesy of the Home Safety and Security website (sponsors of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme) an illustrative image can be found here.

locksmith cylinder lockLock snapping occurs when the relatively thin part of the Euro Cylinder Lock is broken, usually with a tool such as a screwdriver. We have been called out to a number of residences in the past year that have unfortunately fallen victim to this particular crime. There is, however, a quick and easy solution that the team can implement. Simply by strengthening the weak part of the cylinder lock mechanism with a new 3 star TS007 standard or the Sold Secure Diamond standard lock, the structure becomes impervious to lock snapping. We always uses top quality equipment. We stock both the Sold Secure Diamond standard locks and the new 3 star TS007 locks – you can rest assured that a lock direct from us will not be vulnerable to lock snapping.

If you are unsure whether your door locks conform to the standards needed to prevent lock snapping then give Locksmiths Bournemouth a call. We are more than happy to visit your premises to run a check on any locks, with a view to replacing any that may be at risk of lock snapping. All our staff members are friendly and reliable, and we will only highlight concerns that we believe pose a real security threat to your building. Lock snapping is certainly one of these, so let us put your mind at ease with a consultation and quote today.

Securing your business

Securing Business

Take the extra step to secure your business today. You work hard for your livelihood so don’t leave your business premises vulnerable. Our team supplies and installs a range of equipment to tighten up the security of your business. Security shutters to lock your stock in tight can be fitted within days of your call to us. Locksmiths Bournemouth can also source security shutters for non-standard sized doors, working with our contacts within the security business to design steel shutters to custom sizes. A range of styles and colours are available to suit the location of your premises, if required.

bournemouth alarmAlarm and CCTV systems can work in combination to allow you to survey the activities of people in and around your premises. Whether you require one simple alarm which rings aloud or a sophisticated system which will send alerts to several phone numbers or to a security company or the police, we will be able to source what you are looking for. Our professional and reliable staff are on hand to advise on all aspects of CCTV systems, including helping you to select one for your budget that will adequately cover key areas of your building. You can trust the experience built up by our staff in this area to find exactly what you are looking for.

As for deterring against theft of equipment during opening hours, metal detectors that fit discreetly into the door frame are an excellent way of keeping track of what is being carried out of the shop. We have fitted numerous systems like this for shops in Bournemouth city centre. They have a dual function, protecting staff as well as stock.

locksmith metal detectorIntrusion and theft deterrent devices are a good investment for any business. At Locksmiths, we find that in these difficult economic times, some people think that security measures are an area of their business plan that can take cuts. Don’t make this mistake! Sufficient surveillance and security systems are even more important at this time. Contact Locksmiths Bournemouth today – we have the most competitive pricing structure in the area, and we work hard towards the ideal that everyone can afford the locksmith and security service they need.

Fantastic security inspection discount

Our Bournemouth locksmith team currently has a fantastic offer to help you secure your property ahead of the holiday season: we are offering a 15% discount on security inspections and any resulting work. This great offer is available to all clients, whether residential, commercial or industrial, and whether you are a new customer or have previously had work carried out by the local locksmith. The holiday season brings a shut-down period for many businesses. Without regular attendance, such properties become a magnet for opportunists. Take advantage of this offer and secure your property now. Then you can put your feet up over Christmas knowing that your expensive industrial equipment is safely locked away. Christmas gift packaging left outside homes can be an indicator to potential intruders of the brand-new gadgets stashed inside the house. A security inspection will indicate areas of your home in need of new locking and security systems so that all those lovely new Christmas presents stay just where you intend them to be. A Christmas break-in is devastating; contact us today and arrange a security inspection at a discounted price.

Our security inspections take approximately an hour for the average semi-detached house. We will assess the security of all points of entry on your home and outbuildings, making suggestions as to how security can be improved. Quotes for work can be given at that time if required. With several weeks now before the break, now is the ideal time to arrange for us to survey the security of your property. Security inspections can take place at evenings or weekends if that suits you. This service is real value-for-money: not only is the price of the inspection competitive, but the savings and heartache that can be saved in the long run make a security inspection more than worthwhile. Contact our professional team today to arrange your discounted security inspection.